Traffic engineering with traditional IP routing protocols

Bernard Fortz, Jennifer Rexford and Mikkel Thorup

Traffic engineering involves adapting the routing of traffic to the network conditions, with the joint goals of good user performance and efficient use of network resources. In this paper, we describe an approach to intradomain traffic engineering that works within the existing deployed base of Interior Gateway Protocols (IGPs), such as Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Intermediate System-Intermediate System (IS-IS). We explain how to adapt the configuration of link weights, based on a network-wide view of the traffic and topology within a domain. In addition, we summarize the results of several studies of techniques for optimizing OSPF/IS-IS weights to the prevailing traffic. The paper argues that conventional IGPs are surprisingly effective for engineering the flow of traffic in large IP networks.
Published in IEEE Communications Magazine, 40(10), 2002.

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